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" It's not just about who you work with. it's about how you work with them."

Daniel Koye is a New Jersey based hairstylist who works in theatre, film, and television. His most recent projects include Lincoln Rhymes: Hunt for the Bone, Collector on NBC and The Family on Netflix


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Destigmatizing the world on what a wig truly is! I want to Inspire you to use wig making and copying a clients REAL hairline to help grow your business and clients loyalty to increase your profits while working smarter not harder.


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Working side by side with Daniel to create looks for events or TV on any collaboration is an amazing experience. Daniel is always ready to share his knowledge of his craft with you. The passion for his work is evident in all of Daniel's actions.

Ann DeMauro

From Broadway shows to TV shows Daniel has always been there for all of my wig needs. He's my go to wig guy.

Vanessa Williams 

I chose Daniel because he teaches differently than other classes I've taken. He will go over and over the technique till you have it. He makes the class fit for you. I have left his class ready to tackle any wig!