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Work Smarter, Not Harder

All of your wig education needs are in one spot!

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About Me

Our Goal

We want to destigmatize the word wig and show the world what a wig truly is! I want to inspire you to use wig making and copying a client's REAL hairline to help grow your business and clients loyalty to increase your profits. These techniques will help you by working smarter not harder.

From Broadway shows to TV shows Daniel has always been there for all of my wig needs. He's my go to wig guy.

Vanessa Williams

I chose Daniel because he teaches differently than other classes I've taken. He will go over and over the technique till you have it. He makes the class fit for you. I have left his class ready to tackle any wig!


Thanks to Daniel’s incredible wighacking online course, my edges are snatched, and so are everybody else’s!

Kyle Cragle