Have Fun This Spring with These Sweet Lipstick Shades

by Charmaine Pioquinto




Weekends are the best time to go out with friends and have fun. You can invite your friends for a night out and an opportunity to meet boys. You can also plan a road trip with no particular destination in mind and with just your wit, stories and cameras to accompany you and your friends. Or, you can just stay at home, pop some good 'ol romantic comedy and have a laugh with your friends over popcorn and chips. However you plan to spend your weekends, it's always important to look and stay beautiful. After all, you'll be taking a lot of pics right? So, it's best to look your best. What better way to brigthen up your Instagram wall than to wear a nice candy-colored lipstick? If you ain't got one, here are some of the best sweet looking, candy colored lipsticks available in the market today.


Lilac Nymph by Tom Ford Lip Color 


Image via Temptalia


This severely cute lip shade has a very nice shade of pink to it. It's not very bright yet it's sweet enough to make your lips very kissable.



Hello Sailor by Lipstick Queen Lipstick


Image via Lipstick Queen


Think about those bluberry falavored Skittles. If this lipstick color is a candy, that would be the flavor of this shade. This very cute shade of blue would be nice for a simple, cool raod trip with the gang.







Silvia by NARS Cosmetics Audacious Lipstick


Image via NARS


If NARS made this lipstick, expect that this is a quality product. This lip shade will not only make your lips look kissable, but edible as well. Approach men with caution.



Cinema by Le Métier de Beauté Moisture Matte Lipstick


Image via Le Métier de Beauté

Be ready to channel your inner Hollywood star by wearing this very dramatic, yet lovely shade. The pink in this particular lipstick has just the right intensity of pink to catch attention without going overboard. Perfect for a night out with the girls.




Blue Moon by Winky Lux Matte Lip Velour 

Image via Winky Lux


This lipstick is not only cute, but skin friendly as well. It's very elctric shade is actually paraben free, so your lips are not just beautiful but safe from chemicals as well.



Guava Tint Jello by Chosungah 22 Flavorful Lipstick


Image via Chosungah 22
Part of the latest cosmetic craze, this candy-colored lipstick took its sweetness litearlly. This lip shade has a neon peach color with an orange flavor. Who says make-up can't be fun and quirky?


    Get these lip shades now and embrace your beauty this spring!