How to Get That Authentic Victoria's Secret Angel Look

by Charmaine Pioquinto



Women have always looked up to someone. Whether it's to admire them for their contributions or for their sheer talent, every woman always has that one woman that she considered her hero or idol. But, now, women look up to women for their beauty and grace. But, if there is one group of women that women from around the world look up to because of their effortless beauty, that would be the Victoria's Secret Angels.


    These gorgeous, flawless women are most loved and envied by women and men. They walk the runways with their fierce make-ups and their sassy attitudes while wearing nothing but lingerie and wings. Most people think that these women have it easy. However, they are just like humans and like us, they need to to take care of themselves and have their own little tricks up their sleeves.


    We have all read some of the secrets that these gorgeous models have in their arsenal. For one, they swear on the importance of having regular facials and no make-up days. These days are important to let your face rest and let it regain its natural glow. They also make sure that they put on sunblock to protect your face and skin from the harsh rays of the sun.


    But, a new trick has just been spilled by the lovely Lindsay Ellington. Ever noticed and wondered how these girls get their gorgeous, glowing skin? The secret is lipstick. Put a small of amount of lipstick on your cheeks and blend it well before putting foundation over it. Make sure to use a hydrating lipstick formula. To fully achieve that Victoria Secret look, apply your foundation like an Angel. To get that illusion of having high cheekbones, apply foundation from the corner of your eyes to the apples of your cheeks then over your cheekbones. Now you look runway ready!