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7 SKIN CARE TIPS FOR WOMEN ABOVE 30          If there is one thing that women hates about life, it's aging. Admit it or not, everybody's afraid of looking old losing their grace. This is why most women do everything in their power to look as youthful as they can. Most women experience this period of panic when they reach the age of 30. they undergo painful-looking treatments. They spend tons of money on products that promise to bring back their youthful glow and firm skin. However, most of these products don't work. They end up wasting...

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HOW TO RECOVER FROM SPRING BREAK   Now that spring is here, everybody's going to be attending parties left and right. That means endless night outs, fun road trips, and memorable beach parties. Spring is truly the best time to go out, have fun and make new memories. I'm pretty sure most of you have already prepared them for this season. That may include getting a new hairstyle or a new hair color, a tattoo, new pair of bikinis and new flip flops and off-shoulder dresses to wear to the beach. However, have you prepared yourself for what can happen...

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