Last night at the National Geographic Event

Walking the red carpet is always an amazing experience. Seeing all the stars in the flesh and as themselves is always intriguing. I love looking at all the hair and red carpet looks. We had Kelsey Grammer looking dashing with his wife Kayte Walsh. Haaz Sleiman (Jesus) looked so sexy last night without his wig and beard. The ladies were so stunning. Emmanuelle Chriqui who plays Herodia, Klara Issova was so great and compelling. Her hair was on point.

The movie Kill Jesus is a retelling the story of Jesus. Based off the book by Bill O’Reilly and directed by Christopher Menaul. Some amazingly talented actors really brought the story to heart of the audience. The hair and facial hair was a bit off. (I do this for a living people!) Almost every character had a beard and/or long hair and dealing with that much hair is always a challenge. The long shooting days along with sun and sweat will make continuity that much harder on set. Despite the challenges, they did a great job editing and the film still looked pretty good. This shows you the value of a strong production team who understands the daily challenges of the biz.

The plot had some twists that really make the audience question the “greatest story ever told”. The sets and lighting were amazing. Actually, the lights was some of the best I have ever seen. The ambiance felt like it was all done with candlelight. Amazing job! And a soft light help hide the lace on all the wigs! Overall, the movie felt very realistic and you feel like the production team really went to lengths to maintain the authenticity of the period.

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