DKOYE the product and DANIEL KOYE

, a renowned hairstylist who have worked in some of the best Broadway productions ever. He has also worked with Hollywood stars and personalities like Carly Rae Jepsen, Jessica Chastain and Heidi Klum. Want to know what DKoye: The Product has to offer? Here are the products:

This shampoo is packed with a lot of hair healthy ingredients. It contains seaweed granules, which help demineralize your hair. Demineralizing your hair is important, especially if you use hard water in your house. These minerals can destroy your hair and make it brittle and fine. So, instead of spending money on demineralizing your hair, why not just use this shampoo?
It also contains algae and kelp extracts that work by sealing the moisture in the cuticle, making your hair soft and shiny. It also has 10 amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and it helps in making your hair stronger and full of life.
Together, DKoye's The Shampoo can help make your hair soft, smooth and strong.

With the increasing popularity of hair coloring treatments, most people are at risk of getting hair damage. Good thing is that DKoye's The Conditioner is specifically formulated for chemically treated and damaged hair. It's lightweight formula and its essential botanicals help treat the hair shaft, making your hair strong. With continued use, DKoye's The Conditioner can help your hair retain its former shine and strength

This is one of the first products ever created by Daniel Koye. This hair spray allows you to control and choose among light, medium and strong hold, all with a simple turn of the nozzle. This fast drying hair spray is designed to provide hold and definition. While providing a strong hold, it does not produce any sticky residue or buildup. It also makes your hair resistant to humidity so you don't have to work about frizzy hair when using this product

hair cream can tame unruly and frizzy hair instantly. You can use this if you want smooth, textured hair. Make sure to bring this always and look flawless anytime, anywhere

The Elixir works by sealing the moisture in the cuticle, making your hair visibly softer and shinier. It removes frizz and can make your hair instantly better. When used with heat, it can intensify your hair's shine and appearance. This works best women with wild and big curls.

This gel will help you shape your hair into any style you want. Promising to give hold, definition and texture, a small amount of this product can make your hair style goals possible

This fast drying hair spray allows your hair to be shaped into any hairstyle. The formula of this product makes it easy for the hair to be brushed. This is perfect for hairstyles that require a strong hold but needs free movement.

This is product was inspired by the great Bernadette Peters. This hair lotion is packed with argan oil, which helps nourish and smoothens the hair, making your curls bouncier, shinier and more alive

you prefer a matte approach to hair styling, this product is perfect for you. This wax will give you the freedom to style your hair, from sleek to textured looks. You can use it with dry or wet hair. Styling has never been this easier

Want amazing hair with additional shine? The Mudd is a greaseless, weightless product that will give you endless styling options. All you need is a little amount and you're good to go.
This amazing blend of a leave-in conditioner and a softening balm helps women straighten and control frizz and unwanted curls. Use this and you'll be getting maximum shine and manageability.

The man behind this amazing product line has been through a lot. Daniel Koye started at a very young age since he grew up in a salon. He pursued his dream and eventually ended up working at Lancome. He met a fellow hairstylist there and that's when everything fell into place. He was asked to be a substitute hair stylist for Spring Awakening, where he met a very young Lea Michele. From then on, he fell in love with theater and started working there. Funnily enough, he got his inspiration to start a hair care business when we worked for the production of Hair! Daniel teamed up with a scientist to formulate a line of hair care products that will make everyone's hair beautiful and amazing

Daniel Koye's story is much like the rest of us. We struggle with our dreams and eventually decided to quit and settle for a safe life. But, Daniel proved that as long as you have the dedication and the right amount of will and passion for your craft, you can go places you didn't even dream of. So, stay beautiful and keep dreaming.

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