Rock This Season's 3 Hair Trends The Easy Way

by Charmaine Pioquinto




The hair is called a person's crowning glory and it is true. The hair is one of the parts of a person's body that can somehow best describe the person. If you have messy hair, you're perceived as someone who is unruly and unmanageable. If you have a very stiff ponytail, you're described as boring and bookish. However, you style your hair will definitely reflect on your personality, with or without you knowing it. So, let us discuss the latest hair trends and how you can adopt them on your everyday life. After all, first impressions last, right?




These days, everybody wants their hair bleached or colored. The sidewalks used to be a clad of dark-haired people but now, it has become a sea of light-haired individuals. However, as cool and edgy as the look may be, bleaching your hair can severely damage your hair, especially when done incorrectly.

So, when you decide to bleach or color your hair, make sure to take care of it regularly. If you really want to maximize your hair's full potential, why don't you use DKoye's line of hair products? Their shampoo is made of seaweed, algae and kelp extracts that work by helping your hair retain moisture. It also has 10 amino acids that strengthen and conditions the hair. After using their shampoo, you can now proceed to DKoye's The Conditioner. It's specifically formulated to be delicate, making it ideal for chemically treated hair such as those who have undergone hair bleaching or hair coloring. The ingredients of this conditioner will treat the hair shaft, which will improve the luster and softness of your locks. Both DKoye's The Shampoo and conditioner also has a very lovely and fresh lavender and orange scent. This will make your hair not only smooth and strong, but will smell awesome as well.

To take your hair care up the next level, you can use DKoye's The Elixir, which improves your hair's moisture and appearance. This is due to The Elixir's action that allows the hair to seal in the moisture and prevents frizz. Best of all, it actually protects chemically treated hair and is paraben free, so you can protect the environment while your hair is in its healthiest version ever.



Women used to be obsessed with straight hair. That's why there is numerous ceramic hair straightening devices out in the market. However, the latest hair trends this year all point to the welcoming of the curly hair. Yes, if you have curly hair, now is your time to shine. Having curly hair can be such as struggle. You wake up with your hair in a tangled mess. So you go to take a shower and find yourself struggling with your hair, trying to tame it down. Unfortunately, this struggle always ends up with your hair winning and you in need of a new hair brush.

Good news, my friends, because there are products out there that will not only tame your hair but nourish them and keep them healthy. One of the most effective products in the market is the DKoye's The Cream. This hair cream is fast drying, so it's perfect for that morning where you woke up late trying to fit as many episodes of The Walking Dead as possible. This hair cream is formulated to tame unruly and frizzy hair. The result? A more pliable, manageable hair. This is perfect for achieving that textured, fresh-off-the-runway look.

If you want to make your curls more fuller, bouncier and full of life, you should definitely try DKoye's The Curl. This creamy hair lotion is intended to give you softer curls that have more definition. The argan oil in this hair lotion will hydrate and give your curls more shine and bounce. Just look at Bernadette Peters' locks!




You probably saw Lea Michele and Heidi Klum rocking that slick, edgy hairdo. Well, it comes to no surprise that this simple, yet very elegant hairstyle is slowly gaining popularity. Well, good thing DKoye has the goods for you.

But of course, we do not wake up with instantly smooth and straight hair. Sometimes, our hair needs a good tugging and pulling with the help of your comb. Good thing is that there is DKoye's the Smoothing Cream. This product doubles as a leave in conditioner and a softening balm. It helps straighten and control curly, frizzy hair, making it more manageable and shiny. Use this and you're already one step away from looking like a Hollywood star.

The trick to achieving that look is to make your hair as sleek as possible but, you wouldn't want you hair looking all clumpy and weird. So, for this, DKoye's The Control is perfect. You can choose among the different holds with just the simple twist of the nozzle. This hair spray is fast drying and leaves no sticky residue or marks, perfect for those little black dresses you have. The best thing about this hair spray is that is very easy to brush, even if you just resprayed. Finally, a product that has a good hold but allows free movement. Bye bye, stiff hairs!

However, if you intended to make your hair as sleek as possible and would want to a product with very strong hold, use DKoye's The Gel. This gel will help you achieve maximum hold, texture and definition. You can choose from being sleek to giving your hair that textured look. Just apply a few amount in your palms and style away! 





A bun is the prim and proper sister of the knot,which is the more relaxed, carefree sibling. They may be different but they always manage to make any outfit look more glamorous and elegant. Just ask Jessica Chastain and Carly Rae Jepsen.

To help you achieve that look, you need to make sure that your hair will stay the same way as possible or else, it will go tumbling down your back looking like a mess. To help you hold your hair without making it look as if you're wearing a wig, use DKoye's The Hair Spray. Its formula makes it give your hair hold and control. Also, it allows your hair to be rushed easily, making it ideal for hairstyles that need a strong hold but allows free movement.

If you're looking for more versatility or would like to change your hairstyle in the middle of the night, it's best if you would use DKoye's The Mudd. Its weightless formula gives your hair endless styling possibilities without making it sticky.

But, if you're that type of chick who doesn't like doing their hair in the middle of the party, it's best to use a product that will hold it for a long time. In this case, DKoye's The Wax is perfect for you. A small amount of the wax can give you hold, texture and definition while making your hair shine.



    Hair trends are ever so changing but, with the help of DKoye's wonderful line of hair products, you can rock any hair style anytime, anywhere.


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