Hair News: Are Blunt Cuts Making a Comeback?

by Charmaine Pioquinto




Many women these days think about their hairstyle as much as they would think about their future. It requires so much planning. You have to consider the look, the maintenance and if the cut would look good with the outfits you have at home. There is so much to consider and make one miscalculation and poof! There goes your dream of looking like a supermodel.


    There's no denying it that a haircut is important. It gives you a totally different look and having a haircut allows you to take a break from work and let yourself take care of ...yourself. This is why dining the best hair style is necessary. Try browsing the pages of fashion magazines and websites. Check their haircuts and you will notice one similarity among them all: they are all layered cuts.



    We don't notice them as much because we got so used to it that we barely realize that it's there. But,w see almost all women sporting cuts that are layered and it's for a reason. Layered cuts are lighter and you can style it to whatever style your hair length can accommodate. It also allows movement and freedom. But, whatever happened to the blunt cut?



    Blunt cuts are opposite of the layered cut. It pretty straightforward: blunt cuts are just straight across cuts made to the hair. That's it. Your hair is basically a much longer full set of bangs. Most stylists scoff at this hair style but some actually like this cut. It's very refreshing and it gives a rather strong impression.


    For those wants to give it a try, stylists say that it's important to consider the length of your hair. If you want a long blunt cut, make sure it will never go above the bra strap. This ensures that your hair looks healthy. Otherwise, your hair would look dry.