4 Must Try Hairstyles for Short-Haired Women

by Charmaine Pioquinto



    Women value their hair as much as they vale their lives. It's one of the most important things in  their lives and they depend on it so much for beauty and appearance. Aside from putting on make-up, they spend so much time fixing their hair, trying to achieve their desired style. Most people don't know this, but a hairstyle is an important part of an entire look. It makes a huge difference between professional to sexy and simple to edgy.


    A woman's hairstyle would depend on either their hair texture or on their hair length, but the latter is more important than the former. A woman's hair length will dictate which styles are possible and which are a bit too difficult to achieve. Probably the most flexible among hair lengths would be the long hair length since you have much to work on and you easily pull any look off.


    But, these days, maintenance has become a key factor in choosing a hair length. Long hair length is the most difficult to maintain since you have too much hair and you need to make sure that there are no split ends and that every strand is taken cared of. That's why most women have opted to take a leap and settle for a short hair length. But, most women tend to sway from this style because not everyone can pull off a short hair look and there are just too little styles you can do with it. So, to help you out, here are some of the hairstyles you can do with short hair:





    Also known as the Wob, this hairstyle has been worn by a lot of Hollywood stars and personalities. This is probably because it makes anyone look young and it's very low maintenance. If there is one thing that women want, that would be to stress less over their looks. Good thing that the key to this hairstyle is the mess. The messier, the more beautiful it looks, just stay away from frizz. So, how does one pull this look off? Here are the steps:


  • First, use DKoye's The Elixir. This product will remove and calm down and frizz and wild hair. It also makes your hair smoother and shinier when used with heating tools such as a curling iron.
  • Then, take a portion of your hair and curl it. Make sure to alternate the direction by which you curl your hair. Other must go to the direction towards your face while others should go away from your face.
  • Then spray your hair with DKoye's The Hair Spray. Set the nozzle to light or medium hold and spray your curls to get that support your hair needs to hold the curl. From here, wait until your curls cool down.
  • Once your curls have completely cooled down, scrunch your hair up to get that messy, tousled look.
  • Then, start to gently run your fingers through your curls, gently breaking them apart. You can use DKoye's The Curl to give your hair that extra shine and bounce. Spread it in your hands and start running your fingers through the curls. Add more hairspray if necessary.



    This cut has the most impact on women. Why? For most women, it's just too short. But, those who have done it had no complaints. In fact,t hey loved it. What's not to love? It's definitely low maintenance and it requires less time to style it. Just get a small amount of DKoye's The Wax, rub it on your hands and just tousle your hair. You can go for the sleek look by using DKoye's The Gel, spread a small amount in your hair and comb it to get that edgy look. Who says short hair can't be versatile?



    Among women and men, most haircuts are layered. This gives off the illusion of healthy and lightness. However, if you want to be different this season and go for that classic, simple look, you should definitely try the blunt bob. The involves cutting your hair straight across, which may also involve the bangs, giving your strong Cleopatra vibes. The problem with this cut is that it's quite prone to frizz. So, make sure to control that by using a hair cream like DKoye's The Cream. This fast drying hair cream will tame frizz, giving soft and shiny hair anytime. Never leave the house without this in your purse!



    Talk about edgy hairstyles, this style can make anyone look like a villain or a super cool heroine. The angled bob makes anyone look edgy and stylish. The way it sits perfectly on your jawline makes this cut the best way to frame your face. The asymmetry also gives a little more flare and makes the hair lighter. Just make sure to stay away from frizz and make your hair shinier to give it a sleek look. Use DKoye's The Smoothing Cream to make your hair straighter and sharper while protecting it from the harsh rays of the sun.


    Short hair length is a perfect choice for a woman who has to take care of a lot of things but wants to look badass at the same time. With these styles and the right products, you can look awesome all the time.

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