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For those who wants to change your look, the best way to go is to change your hairstyle. If you're going through a breakup or just want to reinvent yourself this season, the sure fire way to change your look is to adopt a different hairstyles. Some women are afraid to do this. This fear make sense, especially when you're planning a drastic change in your hair. Shifting from long, straight hair to a short, spiky pixie cut is a very huge step and making that decision may take sometime. So, to help you find that courage and strength to make that first step, here are some of the most amazing celebrity hair transformations.



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Miranda Kerr is probably one of the prettiest faces in the industry today. With her sweet, charming looks and those fierce runway ensembles. It comes to no surprise that she has slayed the fashion industry and has become one of the most favorite models of all time. But, her last visit in Tokyo revealed a brand new Miranda. Her shoulder length, brown hair has become a short bob! This look softened her look and efficiently framed her round face and cheeks.
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Her role in the Divergent series has skyrocketed Shailene Woodley's career. Her strong, edgy role in the movie has given her a very kick ass persona and everybody loves her. That's why when she appeared on the premiere of her movie Allegiant, everybody was surprised to see her new 'do. She went from having a dirty blonde to a sleek, dark brown, shoulder length hair. She definitely looked awesome.
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The gorgeous chameleon herself has gone through several hair style changes in her young, colorful life. But now, she has opted for a more mature and edgy look. The youngest member of Hollywood's dream team chose a dark, deep navy blue for her hair. Compared to her previous choices of turquoise and aqua, this particular shade went well with her and gave plus points on the maturity score.
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Is there any hairstyle this woman can't pull off?? From being Hollywood's most loved redhead, this woman was seen sporting a rocking brunette hairdo. She looks as fabulous as always. Whether she's preparing for a film or just wanted a fresh start, she should definitely keep this hairstyle.
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The iconic singer-songwriter has gone though her entire career with her long, blonde hair. She has made her trademark look and people have gone comfortable with the said style. But, she has recently changed her long locks to a shorter, bob with a very nice set of bangs. It perfectly frames her face and gives her a more mature look.

    These stars are known for their iconic hairstyles but they have managed to step up and take that big leap. Now, they look as amazing as always and gave everyone a reason to try out new hairstyles. So, why don't you change yours and you just might love yourself a little bit more?

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