Rock This Season's Best Hair Colors

Rock This Season's Best Hair Colors

Hollywood stars and personalities manage to define what is hot and what is not. We see supermodels wearing a new shade of lipstick or sporting a different hairstyle and the world would go gaga over trying to imitate the look. We have gone to imitating their fashions sense to imitating what they look like. The same thing can be said when it comes to hair.


    The latest hair craze involves coloring. Hair color usually involves subtle colors such as brown. But now, people are color their hair with vibrant colors such as red, blue and yellow. It has become a form of self-expression and everybody is hooked on it.


    So, here are the latest hair colors that are prefect for this season. Think you'll try some of these out?

You probably followed the New York Fashion Week and saw numerous models sporting light colored hair. Well, it seems like the trend is lowly catching up. Platinum blondes are the prefect way to make you look more cool and relaxed. Fashion experts think that this trend will continue until the summer because platinum blonde is such a very cool and bright tone.
For those who are a bit afraid to take the risk but still wants to try this trend out, you try the strawberry blonde look this is the warmer relative of the platinum blonde. If the platinum blonde exudes a bright and cool feel, the strawberry blonde gives of a warm vibe, making ti perfect for spring.
Who said candies are only good for eating? Off-shade pastel colors are slowly making it's way into the fashion world. With its wide array of fun colors, you can make any outfit look fun. It would be a good conversation starter too!
Among these unique hair colors, you would think that the shades closer to brown would be long forgotten. But, it seems like it's a matter of highlights and shades. Caramel and honey highlights are good ways to liven up your hair and give it more definition.


    Coloring your hair can be fun and cool

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