The Best Hairstyles of All Time

by Charmaine Pioquinto


Most fashion trends come and go. Remember when elephant pants were a thing? Now, it has become a laughing stock. As much as fashion trends go, many makeups and hairstyle trends have also changed with the times. From the shimmery foundation to the beehive hairdo, fashion statements have also changed with the times. However, there are those that still remains strong. Even as time passed by, these hairstyles have endured through time and are considered classic looks. So, here are some of the classic hairstyles that still persists through time and are considered timeless.



Every woman wants that soft, relaxed look when they go to the beach. Of course, it would have been more awesome if you can rock it even at work. Unless you have a beach in your backyard, this might be difficult to pull off. But, with just the right amount of technique and the right products, you can pull off this look with burning yourself with a flat iron.

The night before, shower then, while your hair is still wet, loosely braid your hair and let it sit overnight. When you wake up, gently unravel the braid and shake it off. Use a hairspray to let the waves set and voila! You ready to go. It's important that you choose a hair spray product that will provide a strong hold, but will also allow movability. Otherwise, your hair would look like straw. To help you achieve beach-worthy waves, you can use DKoye's The Hair Spray. This formula gives hold and definition without drying your hair. It's also fast drying and can be used on wet hair, so it's perfect for those women who are on the go. 



Soft layered hair might be a safe choice but it's very effective and can help you achieve that nice, demure look. Having your cut in layers is a very nice choice, especially if you have thick hair. It makes your hair lighter and the cut gives more definition to the face. It's also perfect for the spring season because it lightens up the face. Just make sure to take care of frizz and unruly hair or else, your soft, demure look will be lost. Make sure to use a hair cream that will help you tame wild hair and give you soft and shiny hair, without the stickiness. Use DKoye's The Cream. This hair cream is designed to straighten frizzy hair and give your locks that nice, healthy shine. You can use it anytime of the day, so make sure it bring it with you always, especially if you're planning on going out after work.



In an ocean of women with layered hairs, it's quite rare to find someone who has blunt hair. Aside from the fact that it's very simple, it tends to give out a very strong impression and some people don't like that. However, having blunt bangs is a nice way to get that dressed-up fee without trying so much or doing complicated stuff with your hair.

To fully maximize the red-carpet feel your blunt bangs give you, make sure to give your hair that healthy shine it needs. You can use hair oils or a smoothing cream like Dkoye' The Smoothing Cream. Its lightweight formula gives your hair maximum shine and smoothness. It also takes care of frizz, so you can enjoy that sleek-looking blunt bangs and look red carpet ready anytime.



Pixie cuts are probably the most beautiful and the riskiest cut any woman would do. If you have previously long hair nad choose to have a pixie cut, it's quite possible that you're undergoing some major changes in your life. But, once you have done it, the look truly pays off. It's edgy yet versatile. You can change your look however you choose it to be and it's quite easy. Just play with your hair's texture and you're good to go. Who says you can't have fun while playing with your hair?




Ever wanted to dress to kill? Well, start by getting this cut. The angled bob has been quite popular over the past years and has become a staple look for those who wants to look sophisticated and professional. It frames the face well and the sharp cut by the tips give off a very high fashion look. Make sure to always take care of your hair to avoid looking like a disheveled CEO. You can start by using a nice pair of shampoo and conditioner that will nourish and protect your hair, even without using a lot of products. DKoye's The Shampoo is perfect for such purposes. It has algae and kelp extracts that nourish the hair and seals the moisture inside the cuticles. It also has 10 amino acids that strengthen the hair. Use it with DKoye's The Conditioner to fully maximize your hair's potential. The Conditioner helps in bringing back the shine and strength of your hair, especially for those who loves doing hair treatments. Also, both The Shampoo and The Conditioner has a fresh lavender and orange scent, making your hair, not only strong but leaves it smelling good as well.


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    Hair trends come and go but that doesn't mean you have to restrict yourself over them. You can just go for a classic look and you'll be considered a timeless beauty soon.