How To Take Care of Frizzy Bangs





  In our entire lives, our hair goes through so many changes. We've gone from that full bangs phase back in kindergarten, to those side bangs back in middle school until that weird half-forehead bangs in high school. Most of our hair transformations do involves bangs. Well, bangs and hair color. But the easiest and less risky between the two is obviously bangs. Bangs instantly changes one's look. But, even your bangs are not safe from the effects of harsh weather. So, how does one calm down their bangs?



    One of the simplest and the most effective tool for any kind of hair disasters, including unruly bangs is the bobby pin. Simple yet efficient, it can effortlessly pin your bangs using this tool and you can make it seem like they are an actual part of your look. Make sure to carry a bunch of them to help out others sisters in need.




    The best way of drying your bangs would be to use a blow dry. However, there is a proper way of doing it or else, you' ll have to suffer from frizzy bangs. Make sure to dry your bangs out after showering to help avoid flyaways. Brush your bangs side to side with the use of your fingers. Then, brush them downwards. After drying them out, use a frizz control product like DKoye's The Smoothing Cream. This product will help smooth down frizz and unruly hair while making your bangs soft and manageable.





    Sometimes, we love wearing hats and caps to help us protect ourselves from the sun and to add to our overall stylish look. However, wearing your well-loved headgear can make your hair full of static and would make you look really weird. To fight this, use a hairspray to calm down wild strands from your bangs. A few sprays of DKoye's The Hair Spray would be enough to make your bangs calm down. This particular hair spray does not leave any residue, not sticky build-up, so you can enjoy the season without any worry.


    Having your own set of bangs this season is the perfect way to reinvent yourself and give yourself a new look. To let you enjoy your new look, just follow these steps and you can say goodbye to frizzy bangs and hello to a beautiful new you.

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