What To Do If You Used Too Much Hair Oil?



Every morning, we always make time to take care of ourselves and fix our appearances. We put on a make-up, fix our hair, choose the outfit for the day and we go out and face the world. However, sometimes we do become a bit overboard, making us look weird or taking a bit too much of our time. Sometimes, we put on a little too much eyeliner or draw a bit too much of our eyebrows. A little too much blush would make you look like a clown while too much foundation can make you look like a ghost. Unfortunately, this can also happen with your hair.


    Most of us make use of different styling products to help us style our hair and make it look beautiful and different every day. You can have tight curls on Monday then have beach waves on Tuesday. With the arrival of Spring, many women have rejoiced to the sheer number of hairstyles they can pull off this season.



    One of these styles is the slicked back hair. You have seen this in most Hollywood stars and personalities. This perfect combination of effortless and edgy makes it a very dramatic hairstyle. Most people accomplish this by using gel while some use oil. However, we can never really ignore the fact that sometimes, we get a bit over excited with trying out new hairstyles, especially one that makes you look like a superstar. So, if you have accidentally used a lot of hair oil, what can one do?


    One of the best things to do if you used too much styling oil is to shampoo your hair all over again and repeat everything from the start. If you have hours to spare, that might sound like a good idea. However, most of us are always in a rush. Plus, not everyone has the patience to everything from the start. So, if you used too much oil, run a piece of dry towel down your hair, concentrating on the roots to absorb the excess oil. You can use dry shampoo and a boar bristle brush to spread the oil properly. If there are just too many oils, you can use baby powder. Spread them to your hair until the powder disappears. Repeat if necessary.



    To avoid such incidents from happening again, use a styling product that can give you  a nice, sleek look in just a little amount. DKoye's The Gel is a styling product that offers hold, texture and definition without feeling sticky or having to deal with too much product. A small amount would do to make your hair sleek and shiny all day.

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