What to Do When Hair Dye Sticks on Your Skin



One the biggest hair trends this spring is hair coloring. From ombres to platinum blondes to rainbow hair, everybody wants to make a statement by coloring their locks with outrageous colors. Most people would go to the salon and have a colorist dye their hair with the most flattering hues for their skin tone. However, some people can go the easy way and do things by themselves.


    Visiting a salon can cost money and some people, especially the young ones, do not have the means to visit a good salon and have their hair colored. So, the obvious alternative would be to just buy hair dye and do it on their own. Of course, that option can lead to some mishaps and possibly disasters. So, what can one do when you the hair dye accidentally lands on your neck and face, making you look like a very loud Dalmatian? Well, here are some of the things you can do.


    You may try and took it to your own hands and searched Google and no, nail polish remover will not help you. Aside from the fact that hair dyes and nail polish are of different substances, nail polish remover can be irritating, especially since the areas where hair dye usually sticks are particularly sensitive, like the neck or the face. So, what can you use?


    You can use laundry detergent or dish soap, put it on a wet cloth and gently rub the area. It will remove the stain faster but, for those with sensitive skin, you can use baby oil. Put a small amount of oil and rub it over the colored area of your skin, let it sit for a while and then wipe it off gently. You can also use olive oil. Take this opportunity as well to give yourself a facial and say hello to your softer and uncolored face.



    After hair coloring, remember to stay clear of shampoos and stick with hair color-friendly conditioners for 2 days. Use DKoye's The Conditioner, which helps you retain your hair color while retaining the moisture of your hair and making it soft, strong and smelling good. Use this to help you enjoy your new hair color longer.


    Changing your hair color can be really exciting and fun. It is the perfect way to change your look or welcome a new phase in your life. But, never forget to take it easy and just relax on the hair dye. It is a hair dye, so it should just stay with your hair and nowhere else.

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