Common Hair Mistakes We Do

by Charmaine Pioquinto




Within a day, we all spend most of our time trying to look good. From the moment we wake up, we prepare ourselves for work. That means showering then primer, foundation, concealer, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lip liner, lipstick then lips gloss. After that, we have brushing, styling, re-brushing, restyling... up until you feel like you've achieved the desired look for the day. From then, you go to work and expose yourself to stress and toxic people. But hey, at least, you look awesome, right?


    We do so much to make ourselves beautiful and presentable. However, some people tend to overdo it. The more you do, the more you achieve right? Unfortunately, this does not apply to everything, especially when it comes to hair care. So, we will be listing down the most common hair care mistake people do and how to avoid them.





    We all have watched YouTube videos where girls try to do a video tutorial on how to do a curl, only to find that the curling iron that they are using managed to burn their hair off. Hilarious, right? Unfortunately, that can happen to you too, especially when you use hairspray first before using a curling iron. Hair sprays contain alcohol and if you paid just a bit of attention to science class, you'd know that alcohol is flammable. So, if you use hair spray then curl your hair with a curling iron, chances are, you hair will burn and snap.

    To avoid this, curl everything first. If you intend to curl just your bangs, finish everything first, then, let it cool down. This will give your hair time to breathe. Then, once everything has cooled down, that's the time you can use a hair spray. It's best to use a hair spray that is humidity resistant, to avoid frizz from developing. DKoye's The Hair Spray is fast drying hair spray that is perfect for dry and wet hair. It offers exceptional hold,without the sticky build-up.






    A common misconception among styling devices is that for them to work their magic, they to be really hot. After all, we iron our clothes in the highest temperature to achieve a good result. But, the same cannot be said for our hair. Our hair is relatively thin. If our curling iron can cause blisters and burns on your skin, imagine what it can do to your hair. It will definitely cause damage.

    When using a styling device, it's best to just set it on medium heat. It works just as efficiently, without causing too much damage. Heat damage is more common on women with curly hair. This is because curly hair has thinner follicles than straight hair. So, when using a styling device on curly hair, it's best to use a protective product to help prevent too much damage to your locks. DKoye's The Curl is made from argan oil, which will hydrate the hair make your curls, even more, shinier. Good news is that if heat is applied to hair treated with The Curl, it will help create healthy and bouncy curls, perfect for a girls' night out.






    While there are basic hair care products, many people tend to dismiss the function and importance of shampooing in our everyday lives. Shampoo actually helps our hair remove all of the excess dirt and oil in our hair. The key to making the most of our shampoo is finding the right one. Color-treated hair should avoid sulfate-containing shampoos because these causes faster color fading. For those with dry hair, it's best to use nourishing shampoos like DKoye's The Shampoo. This shampoo contains seaweed, kelp and algae extracts that helps the hair retain moisture while demineralizing your locks as well. For those who have oily hair, you can use cleansing shampoos, which most commonly contains sulfates.





    Most women work too hard that they actually rush home just to lay down and rest. They quietly weave through people and hurry home to see their kids, eat dinner, shower and then sleep. Did I forget something? Yeah, I forgot to mention drying of the hair. Well, who has time for that anyway? Just go to sleep.

    BUT, this is actually a very big mistake. Sleeping with wet hair results to formation of tangles and frizz that will actually cause more problems in the morning. Wet hair is full of open and raised hair cuticles and when you sleep on them, your hair strands will rub together and, by virtue of friction, will result to frizzy and wild hair.

    So, the solution is quite obvious: dry your hair before going to bed. Yeah, it takes time, but it will actually save you more time in the morning because you won't have to battle your hair.


    These are just some of the most common hair care mistakes we make. Hopefully, with these tips , we are able to help you avoid these mistakes and help you take better care of your hair.