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We go through so many things and elements every day. We wake up, cook breakfast and we are already exposed to smoke or steam. From home, we go to work, exposing ourselves to pollutants and the harsh rays of the sun. By the time we arrive to work, we are faced with so many tasks that leave us stressed. By the time we arrive home, we have already been exposed to so many elements that make us physically and mentally weak.


    Unfortunately, our hair is also affected in the process. It's actually the one that gets the most impact out of the trauma we experience every day. More than that the environmental trauma our hair experiences, we also damage our hair unintentionally. Don't think so? Remember how you tugged at your hair this morning using a hair brush? How about those blow drys you've been doing? The hair treatments? The vigorous towel drying? Surprisingly, these seemingly innocent actions actually lead to hair damage. So, we will be listing down the most common forms of hair problems that we experience and ways on how to reverse them.





    Frizz is brought on by the elevation of the cuticles of the hair, allowing the moisture to escape easily. This leads to dryness, which is also a sign of hair damage. This is also why frizz is more common during the summer season because the warm weather contributes to a faster evaporation of moisture from the hair. To avoid frizzy hair, here are some of the steps you can do:


  • Avoid excessive hair bleaching because it may cause the hair to be filled with holes, which would make it impossible to make the hair smooth.
  • Regularly use a conditioner to make the hair soft and to help seal in the moisture inside the hair. DKoye's The Conditioner's formula is perfect for dry and frizzy hair. It's formula tames wild hair, making it easy to brush and soft to touch. It's also perfect for chemically treated hair. With continued use, it will bring back your hair's natural shine.
  • To protect your hair from the harsh environment, you can use a leave-in conditioner to protect your hair from the sun and other elements. DKoye's The Smoothing Cream tames frizzy hair while making it  shinier and more manageable. It works by making the cuticles flat, leaving you with smooth, frizz-free hair.
  • As much as possible, avoid styling tools such as a flat iron or a curling iron to avoid further aggravation of the frizz. Also, take it easy on the blow dry.




    There are many causes of limp hair. It can be caused by overactive oil glands in the hair, causing your locks to become heavy. It can also be caused by some of your hair strands betting stripped off of moisture. Sometimes, it can be your hair cut that is making your hair look limp.

    To address this, you need to determine the cause of your limp hair. For hyperactive oil glands, you can use a dry shampoo to help absorb some of the excess oil or just use a shampoo that effectively cleans and nourishes the hair at the same time. DKoye's The Shampoo is perfect for such purposes. It effectively cleans the hair, removing excess oils and helps the hair soft and smooth, all thanks to the algae and kelp extracts found in the shampoo. These extracts work by sealing the moisture inside the cuticle.

    Want a simple trick? Use a hair spray. Turn your head upside down and unravel your hair. Use a light hold hair spray and spray the hairs at the back of your head. This will instantly add volume to your hair, making it look full of life.





    One indication of a healthy hair is luster or shine. The more shiny your hair is, the healthier it is.  However, there are many factors that can make your hair lose its shine. Too much chemical damage, the sun, chlorine, dry weather and over brushing can lead to dull hair. To make the long story short, dull hair means damaged hair. So, what should one do?

    First, use a shampoo that can remove minerals from your hair, such as DKoye's The Shampoo. Also, you can use DKoye's The Conditioner to help your hair recover from the damage caused by too many chemical treatments. To help improve the moisture balance in your hair, you can use a hair serum like DKoye's The Elixir, which will instantly improve your hair's condition by sealing the moisture inside the cuticle, making it shinier and healthier



     These days, hair colors have become a form of a fashion statement. However, vibrant hair colors can fade as quickly as they come. Many things contribute to this. It can be due to excessive use of heat, exposure to chlorine or dry hair.

    To combat this, avoid activities that can ruin your hair color. As much as possible, avoid going to water parks or swimming pools. If you can avoid it, use a hair cap to keep your hair dry and prevent the water from damaging your hair. When using styling tools, set it to the lowest that possible, or use a leave-in conditioner to protect your hair from heat, like DKoye's Smoothing Cream. 


    We all have encountered these problems mentioned above. But, it looks like we don't have stress ourselves over them anymore. With the right approach and the right products, we can avoid these problems and live our everyday lives with smooth and healthy hair

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