The Importance of Shampooing




    When it comes to anything in this life, the basic things are always the best way to go. When in doubt, go back to our basic concepts and everything will start to make sense. After all, before we learned how to read books, we first learned the alphabet. Our first words were not “give me food”. They were simple words like “mama” or “dada”. However, sometimes, we tend to forget these things and end up feeling lost and confused.


    The same thing can be said about hair care. With the number of hair care treatments that we have at salons today, people tend to get overwhelmed and when they find out about their supposed benefit, they immediately grab the opportunity and completely forget about the most basic, yet the most effective hair care treatment available; shampooing.


    While there are people who tend to forget the importance of shampooing, there are people at the exact opposite side of this spectrum. They are the people who tend overdo shampooing. While using your shampoo is a good idea, too much shampooing can also lead to bad hair.


    Shampoos work by removing the dirt and excess oil in our hair and scalp. This results to clean hair. However, most shampoos tend to take with it the moisture in the hair , leading to dry and brittle hair. This is why there are important things you need to remember when it comes to shampooing:




    After shampooing, it's important to always follow it up with a conditioning product to help moisturize the hair. You can try DKoye's The Conditioner, which helps replenish the lost moisture from shampooing. It is specifically designed for chemically treating hair, so your colored locks will benefit so much from using this product. It also smells good and with continued use, it will help bring back your hair's original strength and luster



    While choosing a good conditioner is important, it's still best to choose a good shampoo that will nourish and clean your hair at the same time. DKoye's The Shampoo contains seaweed, algae and kelp extracts that can help retain your hair's moisture and demineralize your locks. The result? Smooth, strong hair that smells awesome too.


    Basic or not, proper hair care is still important to ensure our hair's health. Just don't dismiss these tips and you'll be on your way to healthier hair.

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