Five Hair Changes Related to Ageing and How to Address Them!



If there is a thing that we cannot escape in this life, that would be aging. It sucks, I know, but it is truly an inevitable concept and sooner or later, we all will be reaching the point where all we can do is to accept and surrender. Most people fear aging due to many reasons. One of them involves change.


    When we say change, it is mostly synonymous with positive words such as “beginnings” and “growth”. But, change related to aging can sometimes instill fear in many. Well, for one, you're more prone to conditions like diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. You won't be able to do a lot of stuff that you used to love doing. Walking may start to become difficult and your eyesight starts to become really bad. But, one of the biggest fears of older people is the change in appearance.


    Who would be afraid of wrinkles and fine lines? TV commercials treat them like some kind of disease! That's why most older women, and some men, spend a lot of money on anti-aging treatment, skin firming products, and foods that are said to reverse aging. These products might do something to erase lines on your face and lift your cheeks, but these will just slow down the process. Like I have said, ageing is inevitable.


    One major aspect of our appearance that changes with the passage of time is our hair. You don't even have to be old to see the changes. From birth, we can already see changes happening to our hair as we grow older. You might have been born with kinky hair, only to grow up with lustrous curly hair. You might have been a born a blond, only to grow up with dull black hair when you reached 12. our hair undergoes many changes with age. So, here are some the changes you need to expect with aging and the possible steps you can do to make it better.





    Density pertains to the amount of hair that you have in your hair. We all experience hair fall, although some experience it more than others. While hair fall is something that can be addressed at an early age, research shows that the possibility of more hair fall will be more pronounced by the time we hit 40. It can also be due to genetics, but don't go blaming mom and dad now because most cases are caused by external factors such as trauma and too much pulling. That's why it's important to avoid overly tight ponytails.

    While hair fall is something we all cannot avoid, it's never too late to make a step towards stronger hair. You can use a product that will strengthen your hair and make it softer too. Try DKoye's The Shampoo. This product contains seaweed granule , which helps demineralise your hair, making it softer and stronger. Combined with 10 amino acids, this shampoo will not only strengthen your hair but make it smoother and full of life.





    One of the most obvious indications of aging is hair. As the older we get, our hair may turn from black to gray. This is due to the decrease in the number of pigment cells that happens with aging. Fewer pigment cells mean less melanin, which will eventually make your hair turn to gray.

    One obvious solution for this issue is to do hair coloring. The frequency of hair coloring would depend on how fast your hair turns to gray and on how long will you be bothered by this condition. Make sure to keep your hair healthy and protected because regular hair coloring can result in damage, making your weak hair even weaker. Together with DKoye's The Shampoo, use DKoye's The Conditioner. This formula is created specifically fro chemically treated hair. This will help restore your hair's shine and strength lost due to regular treatment. Use this often and you'll be helping your hair retain its color and strength.



    As we grown older, the cells that from our hair's cuticle becomes weaker. The keratin, which composes our hair and makes it stronger, also decreases. This will result in the weakening of the hair, making it prone to breakage.

    To counter this occurrence, you can start by eating right. Consume foods that are high in protein such as soy, meat, and fish. Also, eat food rich in biotin, like eggs. Biotin works by strengthening the hair roots. Another important tip is to ensure proper hydration because our hair relies on our water intake too. Of course, it's important to observe good hair care habits,



    Our hair is not just for decoration. It serves as an indicator of body health. So, if you noticed that your hair is dull and lifeless, it's probably because of an underlying condition. However, our hair's loss of shine can also be due to aging. 

    As we age, our hair loses more fatty acids and protein, making it limp and dull. So, you can take care of this by using the right products. Aside from using a good pair of shampoo nd conditioner, you can also use a deep conditioning treatment to make your hair shinier and healthier. DKoye's The Elixir works by improving the moisture balance in our hair, making it prone to dryness. It also seals in the moisture in the cuticles, instantly making the hair shinier and full of life.


    Aging is inevitable, but it is up to us to make it better. After all, the passage of time means we become smarter and more knowledgeable about life. So, live it and make it memorable.

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