How to Take Care of Your Extensions


Years back, people had to make do with what they have. If they have $100, they have to make sure that it will be able to provide the basic necessities of the family. If you have 5 hours before your deadline arrives, you have to make do with the remaining time and work extra hard and fast to reach your goal. Sometimes, we only have 2 sprays left on our perfumes by that time, we need to make every spray count.


    It's very frustrating when we become limited with what we can do. Too little time and too little resources can really hinder one's progress and that can really irk people. However, sometimes we just can't do anything about it. We just have to accept our limitations and work with what we have.


    But, as society progress and limitations were restricted as much as possible, many people have found a variety of ways to work around those hindrances. That's why smartphones were created, to allow people unrestricted access to people. Cars were invented to allows people to travel faster. If there is one thing created that allowed people to feel better about themselves, one of those would be hair extensions.


    Hair extensions are pieces of hair that are used to make someone's hair longer or to create volume. It's made of either real or synthetic hair. However it was made, it has helped a lot of people do deal with their insecurities and to make themselves look better. So, if you have extensions, you need to know how to properly take care of it. Here are the steps you need to do to make sure that your extensions will last long.




    Just like any hair in the morning, our hair can get all tangled up when we wake up. This can also happen when we step out of the shower. So, make sure to brush your hair to remove the tangles. However, remember that you are wearing extensions. Make sure to brush gently and avoid tugging into your extensions. Start from the tips, carefully removing any tangles and knots. Slowly work your way up to the roots, until you can brush your hair effortlessly.

    But, this tip also works for those without extensions. Having naturally thick hair doesn't make you immune to hair damage. Never force your brush to remove any tangles from your hair. It will cause hair breakage, leaving you with thin hair. So, be gentle.



    Thorough cleaning of the heat is important, which applies to your extensions and weaves. While your extensions do not get as dirty as your own hair, this does not mean that you'll neglect them of the right to be clean. Start by detangling the extensions slowly,then use a mild shampoo. All of this should be done gently and with care. Never rush and don't be heavy handed.

    To clean your extensions effectively, start by wetting it bit by bit and use a downward stroke when you are already shampooing. This prevents tangles and makes sure that everything has been washed properly



    The key to taking better care of your hair is to treat it like normal hair. So, after shampooing, do not forget to condition it as well. Use a good leave-in conditioner, Like DKoye's The Smoothing Cream, to nourish it properly and give it a nice shine. You can use it on your hair too!

    Apply the product with the same downward motion just like how you shampooed your extensions.  After this, you're all set. Avoid using too much hair care products because it will only result to over nourishing, which can make the hair limp. Also, it will only make the extension dirty, which can result to tangles and you're gonna have to start again from the top. Bummer, yeah?



    This probably one of the most crucial things you need to understand when using extensions. These attachment do not dry as fast as natural hair, especially the synthetic ones. So, you really have to allow time to wash and dry them. Trying to fast forward the process through the use of a blow dryer can damage the extensions, especially when you like setting the blow dryer to high heat settings. Be patient and be kind to your extensions.



    However, certain situations would require you to use a blow dryer. You woke up and realize you're late but your extensions are still wet! What are you going to do? Well, you can use the blow dryer but set it on low heat. Dry the bonds first,followed by the surrounding hair and then proceed with drying the rest of your hair. This way, you won't ruining your bonds by using high heat off of your blow dryer.


    Having extensions are considered by some as a radical way of making oneself beautiful. They think that it's too vain and unnecessary. But, we  do not know and understand what makes these people want to wear extensions. Maybe they want to feel good about themselves or have problems with patchy alopecia. Whatever their reasons may be, we should never judge these people, so long as their decisions make them happy.

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