3 Ways to Make Your Hair Color - Ready

by Charmaine Pioquinto




  This season, one of the most popular hair trends is hair coloring. From ombre to full-on bleaching, everybody seems to be really into changing their hair color. But, is it really for you? To find out, here are three things you need to consider before making that big change.



    One important thing you need to remember before coloring your hair is your hair's health. Having nor previous experience in hair coloring or any chemical treatments doesn't mean you have healthy hair. Dry, frizzy hair can indicate unhealthy hair, so make sure to revive or improve your hair's condition before going any hair coloring treatment. Letting your dry hair undergo such harsh treatment can eventually lead to breakage and hair loss.

    To ensure that your hair stays healthy and hydrated, use a serum that will improve your hair's moisture balance. DKoye's The Elixir is a serum that seals the cuticles, keeping the hair moisturized and healthy. It makes your hair humidity resistant, keeping it prone to frizzy and dry hair. This is one sure way to make your hair extra shiny and beautiful instantly.



    Another way to make your hair color ready and to keep it healthy is to adopt a good hair care regimen. That means you need to have a good basic knowledge of taking care of your hair. Start by using a good pair of shampoo and conditioner that will clean and nourish your hair while helping you maintain your hair color. DKoye's The Shampoo contains seaweed, algae and kelp extracts that cleanse the hair, retains the moisture and demineralizes your locks. DKoye's The Conditioner, on the other hand, takes care of chemically treated hair, making it shiny and nourished. When it comes to taking care of your hair, nothing gets better than this.





    Now that you have successfully colored your hair, that doesn't mean you can slack around and ignore all the things we just mentioned. Your main goal at this point is to make your hair color last. That means, aside from proper hair care, you need to avoid several things; chlorine, too much heat and sulfate containing shampoos. These things can make your hair color fade faster. To protect your hair from elements such as those mentioned, use a leave-in conditioner, like DKoye's The Smoothing Cream. Aside from making your hair frizz free and shiny, it portrays your hair, making it manageable and healthy.


    Hair colors can be a good way to liven up your look, except if they become faded and dry. Follow these tips and you're all set to rocking your brand new 'do.    

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