How To Keep Your Hair Full and Alive

by Charmaine Pioquinto

How To Keep Your Hair Full and Alive


One of the biggest battles that women everywhere has fought is the struggle with lifeless hair. Nowadays, where mornings are too humid  and the nights are too cold, you hair really take a hit and end up losing all of its moisture and life. So, what can we do to keep our hair full and alive? Follow these simple steps and prepare yourself for the best hair you'll be having for the rest of your life.



    Shampoos basically work by removing any dirt, grime and excess oil stuck in your hair strands. However, most shampoos tend to work a little bit too efficiently. They end up removing too much oil, taking with them most of the hair's moisture. This can make the hair extra dry and dull. So, when choosing a shampoo, make sure to go for nourishing ones like DKoye's The Shampoo. This product contains a lot of ingredients that is not found in most shampoos. It has seaweed granules, which helps remove mineral deposits left by hard water. This makes your hair more full and shiny. It also has algae and kelp extracts that work by helping the hair retain most of its moisture, giving you soft and smooth hair. To make your hair strong, DKoye's The Shampoo also has 10 amino acids, so you can have soft, healthy hair that is full of life. With its fresh lemon scent, this shampoo is a total winner.



    After using a nourishing shampoo, never forget to use a conditioner designed to make hair soft and manageable. DKoye's The Conditioner is specifically made to heal and address chemically treated hair. It works by sealing the moisture inside the hair cuticles, making your locks softer than before. With continued use, your hair can get back its former shine and texture without the help of so many products.




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    Then, apply DKoye's The Elixir to improve the moisture balance of your hair and to instantly improve your hair's appearance, making it soft, smooth and manageable. Spread the product with your fingers and, using a comb, spread the elixir evenly by brushing your hair.



    Then, using a handheld steamer, place the device in your hair to open up the cuticles and help absorb the product properly. Then, blast your hair with cold air to seal in the moisture and you're all set to stop the world.


    Easy right? Now, you can get flawless hair all the time. Just stick with the basics and you'll never get lost.

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