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Things You NEED To Tell Your Hair Stylist       Everybody loves a good trip to the salon. It is the stylish woman’s secret haven. You get to relax under the whiff of hair treatment solutions and the sound of scissors snipping away. A stylist will approach you and ask you your desired look and voila! You are already halfway to looking a new and improved you. However, before you get too immersed with that magazine you are reading, there are some things you need to tell your hair stylist. Believe it or not, there are things you do...

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WHAT TO DO WHEN HAIR DYE STICKS ON YOUR SKIN      One the biggest hair trends this spring is hair coloring. From ombres to platinum blondes to rainbow hair, everybody wants to make a statement by coloring their locks with outrageous colors. Most people would go to the salon and have a colorist dye their hair with the most flattering hues for their skin tone. However, some people can go the easy way and do things by themselves.       Visiting a salon can cost money and some people, especially the young ones, do not have the means...

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