3 Hairstyles You Can Try To Make You Work and Date-Ready



One of the best times to go out and have fun would be right after work. After all, you are trying to chill and forget all the stress at work. So, to help you look good for that dinner or movie date after work, here are some of the best looks you can try to make you look work and date ready.




    Fishtail braids are a very nice way to look polished yet interesting. The unique look of the braid makes you look less boring and at the same time, allows you to put your hair in place. To pull this off, part your hair as desired. Side parts and center parts work either way. Then comb one side of the hair over the other shoulder. Next, divide the hair into two sections. Next, take a small portion on the outer side of the right section and cross over to the center. Do the same to the left portion. It should create an X in the middle of the two large sections. Continue this process until you are 3 to 4 inches from the tip.  Secure with an elastic and you're done.




    High buns are very sophisticated and quite easy to pull off. However, it is necessary to keep your hair frizz free and shiny or else, your high bun would look lifeless and weird. Before putting your hair up, use a leave-in conditioner to smooth out any frizz and make your hair extra shiny, like DKoye's The Smoothing Cream. Use this product before any hairstyle changes to make your hair shiny and manageable.





    Sometimes, high buns can give off that stuffy, overly sophisticated look. So, mix it up a little bit by making a french braid at the nape. Flip your hair upside down and start making a french braid from your nape to the top of your crown. Secure with an elastic band and flip your hair over. To create more volume on your bun, tease it first set with DKoye's The Hair Spray. Then, form your bun and secure it with bobby pins and elastic bands.


    Work can be really tough, but putting on a very nice hairstyle ca make you party ready anytime. Just follow these steps and you can go out with friends or meet up with your special someone, looking all fresh and prepared.

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