Hair Accessories From The Future


    If you are the type of woman who is always up to date with the latest news on fashion and style, then you are probably unable to rest and stop fidgeting. Why? The Met Gala has just been concluded and it was filled with drool-worthy outfits and looks. Why, with the theme “Manus x machine: Fashion In An Age of Technology”, who are we to expect mediocre looks and simple pieces?


    Much like most people have predicted, a lot of the pieces had a very futuristic appeal to them. From a futuristic and stylish suit of armor to a gladiator outfit that can slay in itself, most of the pieces had us dying of envy. Every single personality had at least a nice smear of metal in their outfits and they looked quite appropriate for the theme. However, one thing struck out the most, especially when it came to the hair.


    Most of the hairstyles on the event had a very distinct minimalist feature to them. They all looked quite elegant and have let the outfits do the talking. But, you don’t have to be an A-List celebrity or a supermodel to get into the Met Gala hype. One thing you can do is to wear future inspired hair accessories. These metallic pieces can help you look quite a goddess from the future.



    Bun picks have been quite a thing last year. Most of them had a very Oriental feel to them and is mostly made from wood. But, metallic bun picks can give off that edgy, futuristic feel. Just simple put your hair into a simple bun and stick this bun pick and you’re done.



    Hair clips work not just by keeping your hair in place, but also add an extra touch of style to your look. Metallic and future inspired hair clips can add a touch of sophistication to your look. 


    While using amazing hair accessories can make your look go a long way, having amazing hair all boils down to having healthy hair. You can do that by simply using DKoye’s The Smoothing Cream. It will help you fight frizz and dull hair, making it easy for you to style your hair to whatever your heart desires.

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