How Can We Style Wet Hair in The Morning


    We all spend most of our mornings trying to look as presentable as possible. We spend hours doing our make-up and fixing our hair. Then we go out and go to work. However, spending most days in a week working doesn't mean we all skip on happy hours and movie nights. For those who know the importance of having fun would go to bars right after work with friends to share a beer or two. Others choose to spend their weeknights watching movies with their significant others while sharing a bottle of wine.

    But, as fun as they may be, these late-night excursions can sometimes lead to waking up late and running late to work. During these times, we all rush around the house, putting on basic clothes and practically skip make-up. But, if you have already sacrificed make-up and risked going out with bare faces, what can you do to make your hair look as polished as possible with so little time and with such wet hair?


    According to a stylist, styling wet hair can be tough, especially during the warm season. Well, to style wet hair, you need to understand that braids are bad ideas for wet hair. You can braid wet hair if you intend to wake up with nice looking waves. But if you do it in the morning, it will leave you with flat, weird looking hair. So first, run a hair cream that will make your hair smooth and soft. DKoye's The Cream is a hair cream that helps you fight back frizzy and unruly hair, leaving you with soft manageable hair. It also cuts down drying time and can give you a textured look. After smoothing on the hair cream put your hair on a tight top knot. Instead of using an elastic band to secure the knot, use a very long bobby pin. Make sure the knot is tight enough to straighten everything out. Once it has dried up, you can unravel it to see a very pretty set of waves.


    Waking up late and rushing to work can be such as inconvenience. But, with the help of the right product and the right tricks, you can still look as gorgeous as before in less time

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