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Those who live in the city are known to live a fast-paced life. The day begins immediately right after we wake up. We get up, shower, put on make-up, prepare our hair, eat breakfast while looking at emails then rush to work. Everything happens in a span of an hour or two, making sure that we accomplish multiple things within the day. Most of the time we succeed, while sometimes fail and succumb to stress and pressure. This is why it is important to rest and take car of the body all the time.


    Living in the city means that everyone is under a lot of pressure brought on by work, family and the sheer level of competition. This is why women take their time to do their makeup and look beautiful; appearances are an important aspect of the competition. Looking good while doing good at your job means you can handle a lot of things easily, even your looks. However, working in the city can expose you, not only to stress but to pollution in the city. Your health and your hair are always at risk of being damaged. So, to keep your hair healthy while living in the city, here are some of the steps you can do make your hair strong and damage-proof.




    Weather is one thing that we cannot really run away from. The conditions outside would depend on the season, which means our hair gets exposed to a lot of different elements within the year. Add to that the fact that we all work in an air-conditioned office, our locks are pretty much battered every day. Imagine moving out of your house into the sweltering heat of the sun then into the cool air-conditioned haven that is called the office. This constant movement from a cold to a hot environment can make the hair really damaged.

    To help your hair recover from this kind of stress, it's best to avoid using styling products like gels and waxes. Instead, go for a textured look without adding weight to your hair. Use DKoye's The Elixir. This product helps the hair seal in the moisture, making your hair humidity resistant and soft. This helps you take care of that pesky frizz and give your hair an improved appearance right after you apply the product. Use this and you'll never have to worry about looking stressed ever again.




    Cars and smoke are a normal part of the city. After all, it's not called a city if it is not busy and vibrating with live all day. This means dirt and grime are everywhere stick on every surface they can find, including your hair. This is why you come home after work feeling all sticky and dirty.

    Well, the obvious solution for this is to make sure your hair is clean before you go to bed. This makes sure that no of the dirt particles will stick on your pillowcases. Imagine lying down in a pool of dirt, sweat, and smoke. You'll end up with acne the next day, I promise. Use a shampoo that will help eliminate dirt and sweat away from your hair while making it strong and soft as well. Use DKoye's The Shampoo to address all of this issues. This shampoo contains seaweed granules that help remove minerals from your hair, making it livelier and softer. It also has 10 amino acids which strengthen the hair and algae and kelp extracts to help retain the moisture inside the hair. After using this shampoo, your hair will be soft, smooth and strong.




    Most of us work in the morning, which means the sun is out and is constantly bombarding our face and our hair. If there is one thing women hates about their hair, that would be getting frizzy. Nothing says “tired” and “stressed” better than frizzy hair. Pair this look with sweat and tears and you're all set for your role in a heavy drama telenovela. While there is nothing we can do to avoid the sun, there is something we can do to lessen the damage and make our hair look alive again.

    To avoid the sun causing damage to our hair, you can wear a hat or a cap to protect your hair from the harsh rays. Place your hair on a tight bun and put them inside your cap or hat. You can also use a leave-in conditioner, like DKoye's The Smoothing Cream to help control the damage caused by the sun and also help remove frizz. Also, schedule regular hair mask treatments and hydrating styling products to make sure you hair remains healthy and nourished all week.



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    Strong gusts of the wind can make us feel like we are in our very own music video. However, it can also give us tangles and possibly ruin our hairstyles that we prepared for minutes. So, how do we save our hair from this nightmare?

    You can use styling products that can give you a strong hold but also allows free movement for your hair. Try out DKoye's The Wax, which can give your hair hold, texture, and definition. Just apply a small amount to give your hair the ability to be styled in any way possible and allows your hair to move as freely as possible.


    The city can be harsh and dangerous for your hair. But, that doesn't mean you have to live with these dangers. Just follow these rules and you can have the best hair in the city.

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