How To Get Your Hair A Lot of Volume and Life



Women everywhere have always aspired to have strong, thick hair that moves with us and is flexible enough to be styled into whatever style we want. Nowadays,it's quite difficult to score that kind of hair. There's pollution everywhere, the sun loves sticking our hair and the weather is just too humid sometimes. Even your water at home is trying to sabotage your hair and your dreams of long, shiny locks. So, what can we mere mortals do to get gorgeous hair all day, every day? Here are some of the things you need to consider first.



    In order for us to have the best hair possible, we need to step up our hair care game plan. After all, no amount of styling or treatment can match the natural beauty that proper hair care brings. Obviously,the most important thing that makes all the difference between healthy and damaged hair is the right shampoo and conditioner. Basic as they may seem, but these two products sets the hair to make it easy for us to style and condition it. Dirty hair is quite difficult to manage while dry hair significantly limits the styles one can do unless you like brittle hair.

    So, use a shampoo and conditioner pair that cleans strengthen and moisturize the hair inside and out. If you haven't found one, try DKoye's The Shampoo and The Conditioner. The Shampoo contains algae and kelp extracts that retain the hair's natural  moisture, effectively cleaning the hair while making it soft and smooth. It also has 10 amino acids, which strengthens hair. Additionally, it also has seaweed granules that demineralizes the hair, removing all traces of minerals found in your hard water. This can make your hair smooth, soft, strong and full of life.

    However, some women actually need help even if they practice strict hair care regimens. So, to help your hair achieve that full, luscious look, invest on a very light hairspray that can give you volume while giving your hair free movement. DKoye's The Hair Spray is the perfect product for you. Its lightweight formula helps give your hair hold and body, giving you a textured look while allowing your hair to move as freely as possible. Brush your hair using a round brush. Lift small portions of your hair while brushing it to achieve that bend from your roots to the middle part of your hair. To set your hair, use DKoye's The Hair Spray to make your hair look full and alive.





    Whenever we want to style our hair into anything, we always tend to reach in for the flat iron or curling iron. However, these styling tools, when used excessively, can actually cause damage, leaving you with dry, damaged hair that is fragile and brittle. So, if you want to achieve that full, luscious hair, there is only one thing you need; the hair brush. But, that does not mean you can sue any hair brush and expect your hair to be smooth and thick in an instant. To help you fix your hair and pull off that full haired look, you best friend is the paddle brush. These brushes are the perfect tools to help you style your hair and keep your locks from looking lifeless and dull. You can use this to smoothen any frizz and tangles without removing the body from our hair. It is also ideal when you brush your hair while blow drying it upside down.

    Speaking of blow drying, this device is not only used for drying out your hair. You can actually use your blow dryer to achieve a well-volumized hair without using any products. However, there is a proper way to it. Flip your hair upside down and use your blow dryer to dry your hair in that way. This creates body and volume to your hair. If you have thin hair or wants to make the most out of their day, skip the brush and use your hands instead. Brush your hair with our fingers to create a lot of volume and never aim your blow dryer directly to your strands. Instead, point the nozzle of your hair dryer in an angle that the stream of air does not flatten the strands. After this, you can get instant full hair in seconds.



    One way to make hair look alive and healthy is to get the perfect cut. Some cuts, like blunt bobs, actually look stiff and heavy, which gives off the feel that your hair is dry. This is why to make your hair look light and mobile, the cut of choice would be layered. Those ith fine hair needs to get some layers to create the illusion of movement and make the hair light. However, that doesn't mean you can go and chop everything up to ease the weight. Over layering can make the hair limp because the hair becomes too light. So, if you want to get the perfect cut for a volumized look, the solution is the long bob or lob. This perfect haircut is just the right length of hair to give off that lightweight feeling, maximizing the hair's potential for movement. See, a simple change can make a huge difference.


    Having full hair may seem unattainable at first, but with the help of these simple tips and the right tools, you can give your hair a lot of volume without spending too much money on treatments and extensions.

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