Curly Hair Looks To Try This Summer

by Charmaine Pioquinto



Throughout history, the definition of beauty has been changed from time to time and it has dictated the way people dress, talk and take care of themselves. From big, extravagant dresses that seemed to be more of a statement to shirts adorned with prints and details, clothing trends have significantly changed over the years.


However, one of the biggest trends that have changed over the years is hair. Different hair styles have dominated the fashion scene. From the beehive to the Bardot headband up to the deep side part, these styles all have one thing in common; they are practically made for straight hair. Ever since, curly hair was frowned upon. But now, many women are starting to embrace them and if you want a new look this summer, here are some styles you can go for. 




Yes, frizz is one enemy that women have struggled with their entire life. From the moment you wake up, you have to fight with it and you need to emerge victorious. This particular problem is much more apparent with curly hair, since they are biologically more prone in developing them. Well, why not just embrace them? Frizzy curls have been a thing these days and it gives off that laid-back sophisticated vibe. Just make sure to take care of your hair to prevent breakage. Start by using DKoye’s The Shampoo. It contains kelp and algae extracts that keep hair moisturized and 10 amino acids to strengthen hair. This will leave you with soft, strong hair that is ready for the summer.



Who said colored hair is only for straight hair?? You can also play up your curls by changing their shade. Just make sure to nourish them regularly to prevent damage. Use DKoye’s The Conditioner. This lightweight formula is specifically formulated for colored and chemically treated hair. It keeps your hair color vibrant and with continued use, will help you get your hair’s natural health.


This summer is the season for fun and excitement. Start it right by embracing your curls and wear them loud, healthy and proud.