Want SOMBRE? Here's The Newest Tool That You Need


One of the biggest hair trends this season is hair coloring. Most of the last year, Instagram, and other social media sites are filled with pictures of ombres or wildly colored hair. Shades of blue, green and yellow can be seen in women's head now. Well now, hair coloring is still in but people have started going to a more subtle route.


    It is called a sombre, which pertains to a more reserved and a more subtle version of the ombre. It involves the use of more natural colors like brown, caramel, honey and mahogany. Many stars are see rocking this form of hair coloring and a lot of people are digging this style.


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    However, salon visits can cost money. A simple hair cut can be a bit heavy for some people. Imagine how much would a hair styling session be. This is why a DIY approach is quite popular, especially for the younger generation. After all, none of us have the money and time to visit a professional so, why don't we do it ourselves? You see these videos on YouTube and Instagram. From technical, predictable ones to outrageous ones, you can see any method over the Internet. KoolAid hair, anyone?


    One of the newest and most promising methods is the use of the ever reliable paddle brush. Popularized by an Istanbul-based hair colorist, he places the dye on the brush and proceeds with spreading the dye on the hair. The result? Beautiful evenly applicated sombre that seems DIY worthy.



    However, before you start busting all of your paddle brushes, take note that this might be a fifty-fifty situation, especially for beginners. Even if done as instructed, you might end up with a hair color that looks streaky, while others might have a flawless result.


    One thing you need to remember when coloring your hair is to use a product that will protect your hair color while making it soft and manageable, like DKoye's The Smoothing Cream. Apply this before styling your ombre and you can enjoy damage-free, shiny and soft hair


    There are a lot of ways you can color your hair. Just always keep it in mind that your hair's healthy is more important than the look. After all, damaged hair is not cool.

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