Taking Care of Your Hair, Stressed Out!

As with anything we do the grown work for success is critical, just as critical to what shampoo and conditioner do for your hair. Have the right foundation for your hair will not only give you great hairstyle but also healthy hair. We have put our hair thru so much with all the different products we use to the natural beatings our hair get from the sun and the pollutions in the air.

Of course with all the color and treatments that we do to our hair. By giving your hair a fresh start each time you wash your hair will help set you up for amazing hair and an amazing day   some times you feel as good as you look. Just like you take your daily vitamins to keep your body strong your hair need it as well. This can come from the shampoo and conditioner you use.  

Your body gives you signs to when it is stressed or in need of something, stomic pains when your hungry or you start snapping at everyone for no real reason. Your body goes into fight mode. So when your see or feel these signs you react to them approperly ie EAT. Hair is a HUGE indicator to the stresses that the body is under and progress of your internal sound of mind.

Let’s go extreme having cancer what’s the first thing to go, your hair. Hair is made of keratin that grow just like your fingernails. So your body needs to have the vitamins and minerals so it can grow. Take one away that’s when your hair will start to fall out and start to give you problems. Having the right products and tools will help make your hair healthier and stronger. Back to our cancer once chemo is done your hair starts to grow back your nails become stronger your body is healing itself from that cancer. Keeping a clear mind and a positive outlook cannot only diminish the cancer cells it can help rebuild you even stronger.

Taking care of your hair is very easy once you know what to do. Try by learning about your hair it is your hair and you have to do it every day. Experiment play have fun doing your hair. You never know what sexy style you can get unless you try.

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