Hair as we know it

by Enrique Chong

Hair Care Product Sales (Globally)


We all have hair. Long, short, straight, curly, light, dark, frizzy, flat, damaged, thin, or thick, the varieties are endless. Human beings spend $81B globally to groom and nurture our useless, often difficult to manage, mass of keratin on top of our disproportionately large skulls. 

We ALL do this, but why?

We spend a significant amount of time and money on hair because your hair determines much of the perception of you in the modern world. Messy hair means could either mean you are too rich to care, or could just mean (most likely) you don’t bathe frequently. Bald can mean two entirely different things. 


Great hair can mean you are brimming with so much success, your hair is literally the crowning symbol of all your accomplishments. Maybe not always. 


Even in ancient times, the symbolic power of hair was common knowledge. Samson lost his power when he lost his hair. Native American tribes valued hair as a symbol for a strong spirit. Warriors only cut their hair when mourning the loss of a close relative. Even after the warrior cut off his hair, the hair was  disposed of in a ceremonial ritual.

Even in a world that strives to be less pretentious and turn a blind eye to physical beauty, we are all hypocrites, living in a world where image matters more than we want to believe. So instead of fighting the system, we should give ourselves every advantage at our disposal to maximize our potential. 

We can max out our credit card in pursuit of perfect hair, but that is irresponsible and unnecessary. I found that using the right mix of products, daily diligence, professional tutorials, and understanding the science of hair is the most way cost effective way to maintain hair health. 

Being a hairstylist and dealing with every type of hair out there, I have learned that knowing your hair is key. After you know who your hair is, you can go about finding that optimal combination of tools and techniques catered to you.  Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for your own hair care kit.

  1. It all starts in the shower. Your shampoo and conditioner sets the tone for the rest of your process.
  2. Know your hair
  3. Work with nature. If you have curls, have the sexiest curls on the planet.  If you have straight hair its going to be the sexiest straight hair you can imagine. Fighting nature is a constant battle where your hair becomes the casualty.
  4. Hair is hair. Keep it simple. Texture and color determines the process to maintain beautiful hair. Healthy hair should only need one or two products. 
  5. Find the a stylist you trust to cut and style your hair. DIY can only bring you to the basic levels of styling. Only a professional hair stylist can apply specialized equipment, tried and true techniques, and the mastery that comes experience to get you started in the right direction. Try finding one that likes to talk about hair and teaches you how to maintain it. Finding a great one is hard, but make sure you stick to one, once you find the perfect one. 

Our society teaches us to ignore the superficial as unimportant and fleeting. Some would call it "shallow", but we are all are judged everyday, whether they like it or not. Physical appearance unfairly become part of our personalities. Even primitive civilizations revered beauty, not just for superficial reasons, but to celebrate health, prosperity, and the diversity of the human condition. Beautiful hair is an evolutionary trait. So present the best possible version of you all the time to tell the world you are healthy and thriving! Don’t be shy about investing in yourself! You are the only one that will ever pay that bill. Wake up every morning with the confidence you need to conquer your world.

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