9 Easy Steps to Great Curls

STEP 1: Use a little hairspray on dry hair to act as a setting agent

STEP 2: Use a comb and section hair that you want to be curled. Smaller for more curls, bigger sections for loose waves.

STEP 3:  Use comb and hands to bring hair up to be curled
STEP 4: Open curling iron and clip to hair a couple inches from the scalp
STEP 5: Work hair around the curling iron using your fingers while releasing and applying tension with the iron.  This will heat the base of your hair and give you a strong curl.
STEP 6:  Continue releasing and applying more tension with the iron until entire section of hair is curled around the iron
STEP 7: Without messing up the curl carefully release the curling iron from the hair
STEP 8:  Using your fingers, bring the hair back into a curl and use a duckbill clip to secure the hair in place
STEP 9:  Repeat previous steps until desired hair is all curled

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