10 Steps to Make an Awesome Pony Tail

by Daniel Koye

STEP 1: Take out clips and brush the back sections until smooth.
STEP 2:  Group Back section of hair into a pony and work it through your hands a few times to make sure the pony is extra tight.
STEP 3:  Holding hair tight with one hand, pass the hair through a hair tie.  Twist the tie to pass the hair through again.
STEP 4:  Pass hair through the hair tie until a tight pony tail is formed.
STEP 5:  Use hairspray and a brush to control stray hairs when needed.
STEP 6:  Using a brush, separate one side section of hair to be used to wrap around the ponytail to hide hair elastic.
STEP 7:  Wrap side section around the base of the ponytail and use a bobby pin to hold it in place.
*Don’t forget to use some hair spray and a brush/comb to clean up loose strands as needed*
STEP 8:  Repeat step 8 with opposite side section of hair.
STEP 9: Gather remaining front/top section of hair to the pony tail.  Be sure to use a brush to blend the top section into the sides to make the hair have an even flow to it.
STEP 10:  Using a comb, carefully wrap the ends of the top section of hair around the ponytail and use hair spray to keep it in place.