The Hairstyle to Give You A Fuller Hair

by Charmaine Pioquinto

  Most women aspired to achieve a level of almost perfection every single day. While it can be tough, most women would still do their best and try to achieve ten best selves every day. One of the most coveted look, aside from having smooth, flawless skin, most people would love to have thick, full hair. Having such hair is the perfect combination of looking healthy, beautiful and classy. That is why many people try a lot of different tricks and undergo expensive treatments to give their hair that nice, thick look. But, for those who are on a budget and is saving up for something more important, what can they do to achieve full hair?
    One of the biggest secrets for achieving that full haired look is a deep side part. It gives the hair an extra lift and makes any look and any hair cut more dramatic and edgy. Try checking this look in Hollywood stars and personalities and you'll see how amazing the transformation is. Well, if you think this look is difficult to pull off, worry not because you actually do this at home. Just follow these simple steps:
1. With your hair still wet, use a round brush and start to blow drying your hair to the OPPOSITE SIDE of how your hair used to face. This helps create the height that we've all wanted to have.
2. You can use a hairspray to the roots for additional height. Use DKoye's The Hair Spray to help achieve that natural, free-moving hair that has a very strong hold. This product also does not create any sticky residue, so it is perfect for a clean finish.
Using a comb or your fingers, create the side part using the highest point for your eyebrows as the landmark. Once the side part has been made, continue blow-drying as usual then us a styling wax like DKoye's The Wax to finish of the ends. Easy, right?
    We've all wanted to have that nice, dramatic look that would go perfectly for a night out or  family dinner. Hopefully, with the help of these tips and the right products, we have helped you pull off this beautiful hairstyle effortlessly. Pass it on to your friends and you'll definitely be the new #friendshipgoals in the next party.
Images via Pinterest