3 Basic Tips For Any Hair Types

We used to live in a world where diversity was frowned upon. Back then, being different can make you an outcast, a weirdo and a target for bullies. Having a lot of freckles garnered you with insults and having wild hair can make you earn hurtful names. But, looking at present times,a lot has definitely changed.
    Of course, we can never really eradicate discrimination. It might just be synonymous with society. But, based on how we treat people from different backgrounds before than the way we treat them now, it has significantly improved. We now have performers from all races and religion, We have models from anywhere in the world and the current president is black! How can we not say diversity is upon us? So, to celebrate diversity, let's talk about hair care hacks we can do for all of the different hair types. Listen to them down!
    A lot of hair types depend on moisture for body and healthy. Most shampoos can leave the hair dry, which can be bad news for curly haired women. So, make sure you choose a shampoo that is nourishing, without making your hair look oily and sticky. One of the best products out there is DKoye's The Shampoo. Created by Daniel Koye, a major hairdresser to some of the best Broadway shows, this shampoo contains algae, kelp and seaweed extracts that clean the hair and helps retain the moisture. It also has 10 amino acids, making your hair strong and shiny. With its lovely scent, DKoye's The Shampoo will help any hair type be in their best form ever.
    Leave -in conditioners are important to help protect your hair from the sun and other harsh elements in the environment. DKoye's The Smoothing Cream is a good choice for leave-in conditioners. It takes care of frizz and makes your hair shiny and manageable while protecting your hair from heat and humidity.
    Conditioners make the hair softer and smoother. If you decide to skip on shampoo on a certain day, never forget to condition your hair. DKoye's The Conditioner is the perfect all-around product for any hair type. Specifically formulated for colored hair, this will help your hair return to its former glory while helping you retain your hair color. Impressive, right?
    As you can see, these are just basic steps but they work like magic for any kind of hair. You might have kinky hair, blonde hair, wavy hair or straight hair, it shouldn't matter. Be yourself and embrace who you are. 

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