2 Party Hairstyles You Need To Try On Your Next Big Event

by Charmaine Pioquinto

2 Party Hairstyles You Need To Try On Your Next Big Event 
Spring is here and we all know what that means; parties and getaways! This amazing season is the perfect way to change up your style and be adventurous and daring. Change your boring blouses to an off-shoulder top and your floral wedges to pumps and you will definitely shock everybody in an a good way.
    One of the best things we can do during spring time is to attend parties and what better way to celebrate with friends than to dress up and look ridiculously amazing? So, to help you out, here are two of the best party looks you can try. Take note, they are super easy to create but they will make you look like a star.
    A surefire way to make you look elegant and poised is to rock loose waves. To do it, first, apply a volumizing hair cream to help make hair have that textured look. Use DKoye's The Cream to help hair dry fast and remove any frizz and tame unruly hair. After this, twist your hair while drying it using a blow dryer. This helps you hair have body and wave. Do this until hair is more or less about 70 percent dry.
    Next, using a curling iron, wrap three-inch sections of your hair vertically. Try to be a little conscious with the iron and set it on the low or medium setting of the iron. Wait until you can feel the heat coming out of the hair.
    Then, wait for your hair to cool down then, use DKoye's Hair Spray to give your hair texture and hold while allowing your hair to move freely. Let it set then brush your hair through the curls to create a uniform, glossy wave.
    With all of the variety of hairstyles out there, parties should be an opportunity to relax and let your hair down, literally. To pull off this wonderful surprise, use DKoye's The Cream nd apply it to wet hair. To spread it evenly, place the product on a brush and then spread the cream to ensure equal coverage.
    Then, flip your hair over and then blow dry your hair while roughly brushing it using your fingers. Once your hair is almost dry, flip your hair back and blow-dry the sides until it is almost dry.
    Using a round boar bristle brush, brush your hair in sections. Dry your hair using the cold shot option of the blow dryer. This helps seal in the moisture of the hair, fighting frizz while making hair shiny and healthy.
    These looks seem easy to create but they will really make you look like a star. Just follow these steps and use the right products to get the results you've been wanting.