The 4 Pillars of Wigs

by Daniel Koye

Why did I feel I needed to create the 4 pillars of wigs?   Having worked with wigs for over 16 years and that is what I get called to do WIGS!  It seems there is not the RIGHT education out there. I personally learn by doing and seeing. A visual learner that is why having these masterclasses had to be so visual.  I put creating the videos first as some of the things that I do on a daily basis I would necessarily think about writing it down. Hair styling is such an art where we need to see where the hair wants to go and how it needs to lay.   

Knowing the why and how has been missing.  From past generations just not wanting to teach to some that came from a mentality of Im only as good as what I know.   I know from growing up in this industry that getting the information the RIGHT information was hard.  A lot of trial by fire. and sometimes it works and sometimes it bombed! I never want someone to fail.  I want to give you the information that will get you going.  Most creative stylists take my education and really run with it.   Take it and make it their own.   

That’s how the education is structured to build upon what you may already know.  If you are new to a technique it will open your eyes to get your hands working in a different way.   I want you to have all the options and techniques whether Im talking about it as Im doing it. Or if it's just watching what Im doing because there are gems in just how I hold and handle the hair.   

Our goal should always be giving the clients the hair they always wanted.  I don't want people coming up to my client and saying who did your wig I want clients asking my client who did your hair!!  

I want these masterclasses to give wig stylists the confidence to bring their wig cutting, coloring, styling, and making to another level so they can charge the prices they should be charging!  I've wanted to create a community where we can talk shop and have a safe place to ask your questions post your amazing work!   To help you on your wig-making and stylist journey.  

As you go thru these masterclasses I want you to think of how you can take the techniques you already are using and how to make your wigs not look like a wig? You can test out my teaching techniques by joining the Wighackers Community that can bring you a community of wighackers who are at their own level of wig making and you can get inspired to create some of your best work!  And what’s even more fun is Im in there to help you and answer your questions and give you the Kick in the butt you need to create the business of your dreams!