What’s the difference between Human Hair and Synthetic part 1.

by Daniel Koye

The difference between Human Hair and Synthetic wigs


The most important rule in the wig-making industry has got to be figuring out the difference between human & synthetic wigs! For the longest time ever I've struggled with figuring out the main difference, as well as figuring out the obvious and drastic price difference. Who would have known that you can bill one hair up to 3x more than the other? It's crazy!


After investing years & years into the business, figuring out the main differences, and working with any & every hair type that you could possibly imagine - I've gained all the knowledge that I will gladly share with you all!


Here is the main difference between synthetic & human hair wigs: its fiber.


A synthetic wig will feel quite cheap & fake when compared to human hair (since human hair does come off from the actual human head). Also, you will pay a lot less for synthetic wigs, so it is important to think about your budget before you make your next big purchase!