Fronting a Wig ATL

  • $ 2,50000

Class Description: Fronting a wig is a hands on 2 day advanced master class where you will learn to take a machine made, ventilated wig and add a custom hairline to the wig.  

In this class you will learn:

All tools used to front a wig 

Prepping the clients hair 

Creating a template of the clients' head 

Copy hairline to the template

Design the look of the wig 

Cutting machine made wig 

Laying lace to the machine made wig 

Padding out the wig block to template measurements 

Copying hairline to block 

Ventilate the hairline to the lace on the wig.  

Cut hair of ventilated section to blend with the wig 

Fitting the wig on the client 

Cutting back the lace 

***you will need to master the skill of knotting for this workshop.  You will receive your kit and video of learning to knot when you pay your deposit*** 

You will receive: 

1 Wig block side 22.5 

1 ventilating hook size 5 

1 ventilating holder 

1 wig clamp 

10 pearl head pins 

40 glass head pins 

5 yards of invisible thread 

2 yards of twill 

1 24'x12' theatrical lace 

1 5'x5' theatrical lace (for "Knotting Hair" video) 

1 wig cap 

2 plastic bags 

1 human hair machine made wig (color 1, 2, 2b, 3. Length 16")

Access to "Knotting Hair" video. 



Day One 

Introduction/ Meet and Greet 

Going over vocabulary and tools that will be used 

Designing your wig 

Preping clients' hair (you will be working with partners) 

Create template of clients hair (you will be working with your own template) 

Build out block using template 

Transfer hair line to block 

Teaching the triangle technique 

Practice Technique 

Day Two 

Intro to the day 

Taking machine made will and cutting off front 

Laying lace and attaching lace to wig 

Ventilating hairline to lace using the triangle technique 

Cutting hair to blend with wig 

Cutting back lace back Do's and Dont's 

Q & A with Daniel 

 1 copy of "Wigging It with Daniel Koye"

1 Certificate of completion upon completion of the class. 



Payment plans are Available please email for more information  

Must play down payment to hold spot in class and receive your kit and video.  

There is no personal videos or photos allowed during the class.  There will be time after the class for photos.