Fronting a Wig (online).

  • $ 1,50000

In this hands on class Daniel will teach you to create a bubble we use to make our pattern for the wig,   You will pads out your wig block to fit the specifics of the bubble. You will learn where to cut the front off of the pre made machine made wig.  You will learn to ass 2 different types of lace to your wig.  You will learn hair pattern to ventilate.  Ventilating will already be mastered to take this class.    This class is over the course of 3 days. 

1day. 2 hrs.  Make a bubble of your head. Pad out the block. Cut wig and lay foundation.   Sew together

2nd day. 1hr. Start ventilating.  Using the triangle method you will learn how to use the ventilating technique learned to ventilate on the lace.  (You will then ventilate for the feast of the day  about 4-5 hrs after the 1hr lesson) 

Day 3 2hrs  hair lines. Learn to make that your hair line exactly as yours.  Learn to cut lace back and attatxh the wig to your client.   


You our must know how to ventilate in order to take this class.  


If you get 15 stylist to commit for a 2 day 9hr class I can travel to you.  


Book your spot now. Space is limited for how many times a year I will be offering this class.