Lace View Finder

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The Lace View Finder will save your eyes while ventilating! (Comes in a set of 3)

There are 5 colors: Red, Blue, Purple, Green, and Pink. Each one will show up and help highlight the lace and hair for ventilating while still being able to see hairline and pattern markings. Lighter color Viewfinders are better for darker hair and darker lace; darker color Viewfinders are better for light hair and lighter lace.

Do you struggle to see the lace? Do your eyes hurt after a few hours? We used to ventilate with a sticky note or something colored underneath the lace so the lace showed up better, but then you were guessing where the hairline was.

No longer! Use the Lace Viewfinder to add color to the back of the lace while still be able to see the hairline and hair pattern markings underneath!

Find your perfect combination!