One on One Wig Workshop

One on One Wig Workshop

  • $ 3,00000

In the hand on workshop you'll learn how to take a wig (one you have made yourself or one bought) and learn how to copy a hairline of your client to the wig.   

You’ll learn how to make a personalized template of your client’s head and use that to pad out a block and copying your hairline onto the block to copy your hairline onto the wigs.

Then you’ll learn how to remove the front of the machine made wig in order to lay lace and attach it to the front in order to customize your machine made wig.

You’ll learn how to remove the parting of the wig so you can ventilate new hair into the customized new parting.

In this detailed class you’ll start to master the skill of ventilating hair to create a wig front that is realistic and beautiful.<span> </span>During the ventilation work period, I will be discuss different techniques and skills that i’ve created to customize the wig to fit my client’s individual needs.

The prerequisites for this course are as follows:  

master the ventilating technique from my video called

~Must provide a machine made wig ( can be human or synthetic hair)

***to front a human hair wig you must certify, prior to taking the course, that you’ve achieved the skill of ventilating note; there is a huge difference between ventilating human hair and synthetic hair***

This Kit includes:

ventilating needle, ventilating holder, Lace, block, tape, scissors, pearl head pins, glass head pins, clear thread, blocking tape

 ~Ventilating Basics (video)

~Template making (video)

~Wig styling (video)


This is a general outline of what can be covered during a one on one.  You can customize your class to you're needs.  

Once first payment is made you will receive your kit and email video downloads.  

Payments Plans Available.   

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